what's new:
20.06.2009:   a new species added: Phormictopus cochleasvorax

a photo of a new species added: Ornithoctonus andersoni
+ some name changes in the subfamiliy Ornithoctoninae which affect the genera Haplopelma and Ornithoctonus


a new photo of Poecilotheria subfusca added


a composition of ventral shots of 12 Poecilotheria species is added

 06.11.2004:   a new photo of Selenocosmia arndsti

a new species added: Maraca horrida

 11.07.2004:    a new photo of Poecilotheria rufilata

new photos of Poecilotheria subfusca & Haplopelma minax added

 08.07.2004:    a new photo of Thrigmopoeus truculentus

two new photos of Haplopelma costale


a photo of Chilobrachys fimbriatus added


a photo of a new species added: Selenocosmia peerboomi
+ a new photo of Haplopelma sp. "aureopilosum"

 14.04.2003:   new species added: Selenocosmia arndsti, Thrigmopoeus truculentus
 03.02.2003:   a photo of a new species added: Poecilotheria striata

new species added: Ephebopus cyanognathus, Haplopelma sp. "longipedum", Haplopelma sp. "Surat Thani / Phang Nga",
and some more photos of Haplopelma schmidti added


three photos of fresh molted Haplopelma minax female added

 03.09.2002:   four photos of Megaphobema mesomelas.

two new species added: Poecilotheria ornata and Poecilotheria pederseni
and one more photo of a Poecilotheria rufilata female

 26.06.2002:   some more Haplopelma costale photos added
 24.06.2002:   three photos of Xenesthis sp. "blau"
 07.06.2002:    a photo of Brachypelma annitha added
 29.05.2002:   four photos of a Haplopelma minax female
 26.05.2002:    seven photos of Ephebopus murinus added
 22.05.2002:   three photos of a Psalmopoeus pulcher spiderling added
 23.04.2002:   an asian beauty: Volker v. Wirth's Selenocosmia himalayana
 17.03.2002:    seven photos of Poecilotheria rufilata
 15.03.2002:   a new rubric: articles
 11.03.2002:   two photos of Selenocosmia stirlingi added
 26.02.2002:   two new photos of Theraphosa blondi
 19.02.2002:   a new rubric: whip spider photos
 10.02.2002:    five photos of Poecilotheria subfusca added
 07.02.2002:   two new photos of Cyriopagopus thorelli
 02.02.2002:   www.spiderpix.com is online with the first 71 photos.